UPM Advertising was established on February 1st 2008. Dedicated to the creation of compelling visual experiences and narratives, we strongly believe in advertising that delights, entices, and inspires.

The USP of UPM is the ability of every single team member to multi-task. So don’t be surprised, if our Art Director drops off a delivery or our Accounts Manager drops in to paste a poster. Besides client work, UPMA also moonlights as a closely-knit family, spending much of our spare time together, aiding and abetting the creative process that springs from shared camaraderie.output. Last minute changes while not always convenient are inevitable. And we understand.

our gang

Three years and then some into the business and we’re still discovering new things about ourselves and our work. Spearheaded by Mary George and Philip Cherian, UPM Advertising brings with it a cumulative advertising experience of over 20 years to the table.

An open minded, nimble fingered creative core forms the whole and soul of the UPM team. And yet, when it comes to deliveries and deadline, we follow a policy of all hands to the deck. Touch wood, but it’s never failed. And we have only each other and the Grace of the Almighty to thank for that. By the thumb rule of Less being More, we’d like to wind up our words and let our work speak instead. So, if you’d like to get in touch with us,
simply CLICK HERE.

our approach

Branding, client servicing, media management, business development, printing, mailing and all that under one roof, almost 24 hours a day and nearly 7 days a week. All kinds of advertising tasks delivered to all kinds of deadlines. We do believe that outstanding creativity is only part of the picture. Equally crucial is the adherence to timelines, budgets, target audience requirements and an identification of the most effective media in which to invest – that’s the UPMA way.

Our style encompasses everything from old fashioned to minimalist, from urban grunge to corporate clean, and anything else you could dream up. Which is why, we work that much harder at the briefing stage to gain a full understanding of what you wish to achieve.

This approach applies to any business whatever its size or market, and consistently contributes to successful outcomes for our clients. In the work process we keep constant contact with our clients to ensure a smooth work flow and error free output. Last minute changes while not always convenient are inevitable. And we understand.